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It has become a truism  that every business, artisan, artist or professional needs a website today. You’ve probably heard of Word Press, and perhaps some of the other software that can provide you with a free website, templates, even hosting – up in one click at zero cost. ( For more comparisons of different ways to approach building your website, and best practices to get your website actually  producing revenue,  go to What Should A Website Cost? )

You may be just exploring the concept of making money on the web and you may not yet have given up your day job.  But eventually, your website is going to have to pay for its keep and make money for you.  That’s when you will need to get serious about your website, not just an online platform or static brochure for you business, but as an engine of commerce and growth, one that can be automated in order to free up your time for the big picture: the customers’ needs and your solutions, all delivered seamlessly over the web.

If you have reached that crossroads, and you’re feeling like you could use a little help with thinking through your website requirements, marketing strategy or corporate identity for your organization, contact us. Our award winning website developers can build or update your website, help you define your marketing strategy or establish a corporate identity for your organization. Let us help you define your benefits for your customer and get you the traffic that leads to success!

We can address and offer solutions for any web challenge you may have. We can either build a website for you or show you how to adapt your present site to make your web site work smarter, not harder and accomplish your goals in an effective, systematic way.

Web Services

If you need help building a website which expresses your brand personality and  “Unique Selling Point” -  or if you already have a website which is under-performing, we can help you. Our organization has created websites and executed Social Media Marketing for national organizations, universities,  green businesses, European software companies and political organizations.  We particularly pride ourselves on our ability to ratchet up your traffic quickly and enhance your website with rapid, simple but web savvy improvements.  We fuse powerful Social Media Marketing with search engine optimization, so your website rises above the crowd and the noise on the Net.  We create a “signal” for you that empowers you to compete effectively. Our clients have had website traffic which jumped 400% in a week

Quick Results

First, we use our “secret sauce”… our web magic acquired over 15 years of creating award winning websites.  We boost  your traffic to put you on a level playing field with your most powerful competitors.

Then, we create and transform your website into a powerful, multi-functional, automated marketing, prospecting and selling application.

Let’s look at some results. Less than 2 months after we took this assignment, and less than one month after we put up a new website, we had this, up 1,000 %:

If you’re a decision maker in a business or organization, GG Web Group can either build a website for you or show you how to rapidly improve and enhance your present site to empower you to reach your business and profitability goals. View our Services and Pricing. Or..

Contact me  if you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your website, or manage your Social Media Marketing.

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Thanks for your interest in GG Web Group. Your questions about our services are always welcome. I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have.

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